Top food trends for 2020

New year, new food trends! I love the ingenuity of the food and beverage industry when it comes to making us excited about eating again. Every year, clever chefs and creative restaurateurs set the trends that shape the culinary world for the next 12 months.

So to celebrate the upcoming gastronomical goodness this year holds, I have made a list of my picks for the top 2020 food trends of the year. Keep your eyes open for these top trends. (this sounds a bit cumbersome, what about ‘I have made a list of my picks for the top 2020 food trends of the year – so keep your eyes open for them?)

1. Unusual charcuterie platters

Charcuterie platters have been a staple of the restaurant industry for years. They’re ideal for sharing over drinks or for getting the appetite going on a night out. Now more and more restaurants seem to be taking this tradition in a new direction and you will probably see more carefully arranged dessert charcuterie boards popping up at your favourite local eatery.

2. Cross-cultural cuisine

Food trends come and food trends go, and this year it looks like fusion food will be making a come back under the new title of cross cultural cuisine. To us this will mean that more restaurants will try to appease our boredom with selections of different regional cuisines. This can range from mixing Mexican and Southeast Asian food, to putting a French spin on a Scandanavian dish. I for one am certainly looking forward to some creative crossovers.

3. Vegan and vegetarian options

2020 looks like it’s going to be a good year for all the vegetarians and vegans out there. More and more people are switching to a plant based diet, and so you can expect to see restaurants getting in on the trend. Consumers are becoming more concerned about their food choices when it comes to health-related issues, not to mention the impact that a high intake of meat and dairy products has on the environment. With creations such as the “impossible burger” becoming more popular you can definitely expect to see less boring salads and more delicious plant based goodness popping up on menus all over town.

4. More emphasis on the environment

Speaking of the environment… green is gold in 2020. Restaurants and chefs are moving towards sourcing from producers whose practices are humane, ethical and sustainable. This extends to using biodegradable cleaning products, reducing waste, composting and using earth-friendly takeaway containers. Local and seasonal sourcing of food will come to the forefront, so expect to see more local organic markets and seasonal menus around in 2020. 

5. Smoked everything 

Although it’s as old as fire itself, smoked food looks to be experiencing a resurgence at the moment. From smoking meat for hours over a day, to smoking elements that make up a dessert, the ways in which smoke is used in cooking will become more diverse. When it comes to food trends for 2020 expect to see chefs experimenting with smoked pickles, sauces, butters and vegan dishes in the upcoming year. 

6. Low to no alcohol beverages

Tied into the wellness trend, it looks like there will be more sober socialising this year, plus more mocktails and low alcohol beers and wines. The movement towards self care means looking after the liver too! Why should a simple catch up with your friends end in a cracking headache the next day? The alcohol industry has noticed this trend too and you’re likely to start seeing a lot more low to zero alcohol beverages this year.

What are your predictions for food trends in 2020? Please share them in the comments below.

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