Why Self Care is Important for Women

The modern woman can have it all! This is a phrase that gets thrown around a lot when it comes to navigating through the world in the more feminine form. As women, we often prioritise others’ needs while neglecting ourselves. When you tally up the hours involved in taking care of children, spouses, friends, households and careers it’s not surprising that most women don’t have any time left just for themselves. 

In the fast-paced digital culture we live and work in now, it seems like our lives are hit by stress from every angle and any form of self-care tends to fall by the wayside. Here’s a bitter truth pill to swallow – self-care is just as important as the care we freely give to others. The analogy that one can’t pour from an empty cup is more true for the modern woman that it has ever been. High levels of stress take a huge toll on emotional, physical, and mental health. And when burnout finally does hit, you will have no energy to help anyone else – nevermind yourself. I see this often – both with myself and the wonderful women that live and work around me – which is why I want to take this Women’s day to focus on self care. 

Self-care routines should help you to relieve tension, improve your mood, quiet your mind, and strengthen your soul. If you can recognise that your self-care routine is essential to your health, you can start to manage your stress effectively. When you commit to putting your overall health first and creating a routine of regular self-care, you will be able to manage your life more successfully and healthily. Sound mental health and self-care are two crucial but often ignored issues for women. Mental health includes emotional, psychological, and social well-being and self-care can play a role in maintaining your mental health and help support overall wellbeing. So let’s break down self-care into bite-sized pieces so that you can go out into the world and practice being the best possible version of you. Remember self-care is not a luxury – it’s a necessity! 

  • Get regular exercise. Often neglected but an oh so important part of self care for women! Just 30 minutes of walking a day can help boost your mood and improve your health. Even small amounts of exercise add up, so take that lunch break and spend some time moving your body.
  • Eat healthy, regular meals and stay hydrated. For those of you that regularly follow my blog this one is a no brainer. A balanced diet and plenty of water can improve your energy and focus throughout the day and help keep you healthy for many years to come. While fast food may be convenient, filling up on nutritionless sugar and fat-laden food will only cause you mental (and physical) anguish further down the line. 
  • Make sleep a priority. A regular sleep schedule is one of the best things you can do for mind and body. When it comes to brain fog, weight loss, longevity and vitality, maintaining a good sleeping habit is an essential ingredient. Stick to a schedule, and make sure you’re getting enough sleep. Blue light from devices and screens can make it harder to fall asleep, so ditch your phone or computer at least an hour before bedtime.
  • Try a relaxing activity. Explore relaxation or wellness programs or apps, which may incorporate meditation, muscle relaxation or breathing exercises. Schedule regular times for these and other healthy activities you enjoy such as journaling. As little as 10 or 15 minutes of meditation a day can help alleviate stress, lower blood pressure and calm even the busiest mind.
  • Set goals and priorities. Decide what must get done now and what can wait. Saying no is a huge problem that many women face. We are taught to be polite and accommodating so when it comes to setting boundaries most of us cave in and just agree. Learn to say “no” to new tasks if you start to feel like you’re taking on too much. It’s also handy to be mindful of what you have accomplished, not just what you have left on your to-do list.
  • Practice gratitude. Remind yourself daily of things you are grateful for. There are so many reasons! Be specific. Write them down at night, or replay them in your mind. This will help you reframe your reality in a positive way.
  • Focus on positivity. Speaking of positivity – practice staying positive. Dark thoughts and negativity can overwhelm us all from time to time but try to identify and challenge your negative and unhelpful thoughts and reframe them in a positive way.
  • Practice mindfulness. No matter whether you work full-time, are a student or a stay-at-home mom, each of us can incorporate mindfulness at work and at home. Mindfulness is all about learning how to be fully present and engaged with yourself, in a moment or in your surroundings, while focusing on your mind and body. Try being fully present in surroundings, practicing breathwork and gratitude. This will allow you to acknowledge any thoughts of stress and help you let them go.
self care for women

Let’s all take this Women’s day out to celebrate the women we know, the women we don’t, the women we are and the women we aspire to be. Let’s acknowledge how many women contribute to our health and happiness every day before they tend to themselves. This Women’s day let’s give back to women. Let’s take some of our time and give it to all the wonderful women that guide us, support us and care for us, so that they can have the opportunity to take care of themselves.

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