Tips to help you eliminate or reduce sugar in your diet

Sugar, sugar, sugar! While sugar is great for making sweet treats and killing that craving, eating too much sugar is one of the worst things you can do to your body. Not only does excessive sugar consumption make you gain weight like crazy but it also has many other detrimental effects. Too much sugar increases your risk of heart disease and diabetes, accelerates your skin’s aging process, has a terrible impact on your dental health and increases the risk of developing gout.

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5 tips for sexy summer skin

Summer is here and the summer sun is out. The warmer, more humid weather means our skin isn’t as dry and itchy as it was in the winter, and the sun-kissed look of a tan can make us feel better when we look in the mirror. But it is also essential to take good care of your skin, especially during the summertime, in fact the return of the sun means it’s time to become even more diligent.

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A guide to understanding nutrition basics

How much do you know about nutrition basics? I talk a lot about specific nutrition needs on this blog but I also realised that some people don’t have basic nutrition knowledge to start with. So I thought I’d write a brief introductory guide to nutrition basics to help you better understand your own nutritional needs.

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