3 delicious ways to use avocados in your beauty routine

I love love  love avocados! But I love them, not only as my favourite food but also as a key ingredient in my homemade beauty regimes. As a teenager I enjoyed making my own beauty products and over the last couple of years I’ve started making them again with the belief that if it’s good enough to put into my body, it should be good enough to put onto my body.

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Pasta Perfection

Who doesn’t love pasta? Whether it’s rich and creamy, thick and chunky or soft and delicate, there’s a pasta shape to suit every sauce. But how to choose the perfect pasta for your favourite sauce?

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A beginners guide to craft beer in Cape Town

Personally, I don’t really like beer (unless it has some lemonade in it!), but I do know that most South Africans absolutely love beer. So I decided to see what all the fuss was about and put myself to the test so I could bring you this guide to understanding craft beer in Cape Town.

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