Everything you ever needed to know about olive oil

Oh, olive oil! Pressed from the humble olive, this oil is hands down one of my favourite things to use in the kitchen and is a staple of the Mediterranean lifestyle. Today, olive oil has become a staple for many homes and kitchens and an essential ingredient many dishes can’t do without. It’s been known for its health benefits and the rich taste it brings to food. Not everyone is an olive oil expert and so for those who aren’t well-versed in the nitty-gritty, I’ve put together a handy guide for everything you ever needed to know about olive oil.

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Top 10 burger alternatives that are yummy AND healthy

For me, the worst part about trying to maintain a healthy diet is abstaining from my favourite foods. That’s where these healthy burger alternatives come in. As they say, nothing in life comes easy. Keeping a check on what food you are putting into your body is hugely important, but at the same time giving in to your desires once in a while is not a crime. So if you want to indulge but not go overboard, here’s a list of healthy burger alternatives for you to try the next time the junk food craving hits.

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Top 10 kitchen hacks for home chefs

If you’re reading this, you’re most likely a home chef who loves to cook, but chances are you haven’t been to culinary school and you might not have as much technical know-how as you would like. This list of kitchen hacks will teach you all sorts of tips and tricks to help you become a total kitchen whizz and take your home cooking up to a professional level.

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Top 10 tasty traditional South African dishes

South Africa is not only home to some stunning landscapes and a huge variety of wildlife but also some really delicious and unique dishes. I have rounded up my 10 favourite tasty traditional South African dishes, with some links to recipes, so you can try these local delicacies no matter where you are.

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