Bright, brilliant, beautiful: 10 edible flowers to use in the kitchen.

Edible flowers are something I have wanted to touch on for a while and since it is spring time here in South Africa again I thought this would be the perfect time. Adding flowers to your food can be a nice way to add colour, flavour and a little pizazz. Some are spicy, some herbaceous, and some are floral and fragrant, but whatever their flavour here are 10 edible flowers that you can use to brighten up your next meal.

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Helping the honey bee and the state of honey in South Africa

Honey is a truly remarkable substance and is quite unlike any other sweetener on the planet. Worryingly though, there’s recently been a lot of buzz about fraudulent honey as well as the plight of the humble honey bee. I decided to delve into the subject to see what’s happening with both bees and fake honey in South Africa, how honey can help our health and how we can help the bees in return. Here’s what I’ve learnt…

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Jolly Good Gluhwein

Whether you call it ‘Vin Chaud’,‘Gløgg’ or ‘Glühwein’, enjoying a good old fashioned mulled wine is a fantastic way to warm yourself up on a cold winter evening. Particularly popular in German and French speaking countries around Christmas time, sweet and spicy Glühwein is a perfect go-to drink for when the weather’s chilly.

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