Pancakes vs Flapjacks vs Crepes

A pancake is a pancake right? Not so much! While pancakes, flapjacks and crepes all use similar ingredients, those unfamiliar with the differences would be in for a surprise if they ordered a flapjack in Britain, expecting something small and fluffy but were presented with a granola bar instead!

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Traditional Easter Foods from Around the World

Shop shelves are filling up with Easter eggs and hot cross buns and that means just one thing: Easter is coming. Those are two foods that we in South Africa, and much of the ‘Western’ world, link closely with Easter, but each country has its own way of celebrating this holiday. 

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Fun facts for the March Equinox

My article on the Winter Solstice was such a surprise hit I thought I’d follow up and do some research into the coming equinox, which is autumn for us down south and spring for those up north. The March equinox is the day when the sun lies directly over the equator, rising due east and setting due west. This year it falls on Saturday March 20. This is the same regardless of where you are in the world, but for us down south it marks the shortening of the days as we head into winter, while up north the days grow longer as they go into summer. 

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