Have Yourself A Healthy Little Christmas Roast

It’s that wonderful time of year – family, friends and feasting. I’m sure many of you are already wondering how you’re going to survive the holiday party season, with your health (and waistline) intact. Being part of the Christmas celebration without sabotaging your health goals may be difficult, but it is definitely doable.

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The thing about the lemon is…

The lemon is available all year round, with a single evergreen tree producing about 250kg a year. Lemons are used world wide in cuisine, natural remedies, beauty treatments and cleaners. It always strikes me as amusing that often times there seem to be more lemons in detergents and polishes than there are in lemonade.

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Rooibos tea – South Africa’s hidden gem

The area of the Western Cape in South Africa, where I live, is famous for wine, but hidden away in the Cederberg mountains grows another magical and increasingly popular beverage – rooibos tea. To celebrate this year’s international tea day I thought I would introduce you to this fascinating (and tasty) tea.

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Gingerbread Houses For The Holidays

I love the holiday season – it’s so full of fun and creative things to do while you are celebrating your holiday traditions. Gingerbread houses are great fun to make, and as a bonus you can eat all your artistic work at the end. Thinking of gingerbread houses got me wondering how this became a tradition that we associate so strongly with Christmas and so I decided to investigate.

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