Jolly Good Gluhwein

Whether you call it ‘Vin Chaud’,‘Gløgg’ or ‘Glühwein’, enjoying a good old fashioned mulled wine is a fantastic way to warm yourself up on a cold winter evening. Particularly popular in German and French speaking countries around Christmas time, sweet and spicy Glühwein is a perfect go-to drink for when the weather’s chilly.

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Winter Solstice Foods from Around the World

Throughout history people have marked the longest night of the year through ritual and festivals and food has always been a huge part of winter solstice celebrations. The winter solstice is traditionally celebrated as a symbol of the changing seasons and of the Earth’s rebirth. As a result the traditional winter solstice foods accompanying it often have an emphasis on the Earth itself – incorporating nuts, berries, spices, squash, potatoes and hunted game like goose and venison.

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