Coconut and Veg Soup

Soup is such a great way to eat healthy low-calorie food that is jam-packed with nutrients. This Thai-inspired coconut and veg soup is filled to the brim with veggies and absolutely loaded with flavour too. Thanks to the coconut milk, this soup feels rich, smooth and creamy while the green curry paste brings a pleasant warmth to the dish.

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Rocket and goats cheese pizza

Just about everybody loves pizza! It’s cheesy, crusty and flavourful, but all the extra fat and oil that comes with your standard pizza is not something to love. This rocket and goats cheese pizza is a fresh take on traditional pizza and it uses goats cheese instead of mozzarella.

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Sweet Potato Gnocchi

I absolutely adore gnocchi and this version is so easy to make you’ll be eating it every night! While traditional gnocchi is usually made with potato and egg, this sweet potato gnocchi just uses the natural stickiness of the sweet potato to hold together and the results are out of this world.

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