All Sorts of Salads


All Sorts of Salads features over 70 delicious recipes for main and side salads. All copies sold through this site are signed.



All Sorts of Salads features over 70 delicious recipes for main and side salads. Gone are the days of having lettuce as your main ingredient as this book will take the home cook out of his or her salad rut and provide some interesting and tasty dishes to explore and enjoy!

The book is for anyone who wants a greater choice of salads in their daily diets, including those who want to prepare them for health reasons. It has a helpful ‘short-cuts’ section that advises the reader on what can be prepared beforehand and frozen, as well as a whole chapter devoted to making fresh and delicious home-made salad dressings. All Sorts of Salads is simple enough for novice home cooks, yet also provides inspiration for experienced home chefs.

Praise for All Sorts of Salads:

“A fabulous new cookbook, All Sorts of Salads (Struik Lifestyle) by Chantal Lascaris, explores interesting salad combinations. The dishes are perfect for holiday entertaining and light eating.” – Garden & Home

“This is a ‘must-have’ on any kitchen shelf. If you are serious about eating healthy, then you will use this book over and over again.” – Drum Magazine / News24

“If you’re into healthy living… and if you like things uncomplicated and convenient, you will find lots to love about All Sorts of Salads.” – All4Women