The Ultimate Salad Book


It’s time for the salad to take centre stage! The Ultimate Salad Book has more than 100 salad recipes that can be served as main meals.

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It’s time for the salad to take centre stage! Traditionally salads have been viewed as side dishes, but those featured in The Ultimate Salad Book are anything but as they move boldly into the realm of main dishes. In this latest book I present a delicious collection featuring international flavours to the South African kitchen.

Although the salads are simple, they are nourishing and boast plenty of nutrient-dense ingredients including leafy green vegetables, whole grains, seafood, poultry, beans, nuts and fruit. What’s more, they can be enjoyed for breakfast, lunch, dinner and even dessert.


Book contents:

Introduction, Classic salads; 3 Ingredients salads; Vegetarian salads; Fish & seafood salads; Poultry salads; Meat salads; Fruity salads; Desserts; Index

  • Over 100 recipes for any event
  • Encourages healthy diet options
  • Includes a yummy selection of dressings to zhoosh up any salad
  • Beautiful and inspirational colour photography