15 Minute Gourmet – Prawn and broccoli with cashews

There is no reason that creating a delicious gourmet meal can’t be quick and easy, and this prawn and broccoli with cashews recipe proves it! It’s quick to prepare, tasty as anything and the crunchy, vibrant veggies add depth to the dish. You really can’t go wrong – I have even substituted the prawns out for calamari steak and it is still just as yummy. Perfect for a breezy, summer’s day or when you need to make a lasting impression on your guests.

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Top 10 burger alternatives that are yummy AND healthy

For me, the worst part about trying to maintain a healthy diet is abstaining from my favourite foods. That’s where these healthy burger alternatives come in. As they say, nothing in life comes easy. Keeping a check on what food you are putting into your body is hugely important, but at the same time giving in to your desires once in a while is not a crime. So if you want to indulge but not go overboard, here’s a list of healthy burger alternatives for you to try the next time the junk food craving hits.

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