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I’d like to share with you an initiative that I truly believe in. My husband is part of a local Franschhoek band called Uncorked and the band only plays to raise money for charities.

The band is made up of local members of the community and over the last couple of years, they’ve raised around R3million for local charities, certainly something to be proud of!

Recently he and another band member wrote and produced 2 songs that have now been internationally released on Apple, Spotify and all other platforms to raise money for the Kusasa Project which is an early learning school for underprivileged kids in and around the Cape winelands.

What I find so inspiring about Kusasa is their holistic approach. They see education like a three-legged chair. Each leg represents kids, teachers and parents. Without one of the legs, the chair would fall over. So active participation from each leg is essential.

As they say: “We aspire to break the cycle of poverty and provide the country with a brighter future by engaging disadvantaged children at an early age to give them a great foundation for educational and human development.”

Research has proven time and again that the early phase of children’s education is probably the most important time in a child’s life.

This project gets no funding from government – they rely completely on donations. So PLEASE download Champagne on Ice and Hey Today by Uncorked (the band). Every time there is a download of these songs the money goes straight to this project. The band managed to record these songs in a top recording studio in Cape Town and had an amazing world renowned producer help with this. All done for free because it’s an amazing initiative.

You might recognize the female voice on Champagne on Ice…. It’s Lize Mynhardt who came 2nd in Idols, she’s a regular guest artist playing with the band. Each download only costs a small amount, so tell your friends as the more downloads we get, the more money we can raise.

Best of all the songs aren’t too shabby either!

Click on any of these links and you’ll be able to download and listen immediately.

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